ADHD Monthly Q&A

Ask all those questions you have about ADHD, what it is, how to support, how to thrive, about schooling, work, relationships, and life.
  • Maybe you were recently diagnosed and are struggling between grief for the life you had and hope for the future.
  • Maybe your child was diagnosed and you wonder what that means for their education.
  • Maybe you are on the verge of burnout.
  • Maybe you want to know how to thrive.
  • Maybe you want to figure out how to control your emotions.
Any and all questions can be brought to these Q&A sessions.
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1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 coaching is based on the premise that we are all able to design the life we wish to have, by shifting our beliefs, and understanding the reasons behind our thoughts and actions. This is particularly important for ADHDers, as we often have a skewed sense of our strengths and weaknesses due to living in a society that was not designed for or by us. 1:1 coaching is powerful through its fluidity - it can follow and work on whatever you are struggling or living with with in the moment. 

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Group Coaching

Where 1:1 coaching is very fluid, group coaching is more structured, with each session working through a specific theme. The strength of this approach lies in the participation of all the group members. As everyone has their own perspective on, and experience of, each theme, together we are able to sift through limiting beliefs and find what feels true for each of us, beneath the layers of masks we have learned to hide behind. This can produce fast and enlightening change.

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Couples Coaching

In  many ways ADHD is a relational issue. The problem is not so much the ADHD itself, it is the misunderstandings and miscommunications between the couple. This programme helps both of you to find a language to foster understanding and to discuss issues.

6 sessions, either weekly or bi-weekly

£120 per session

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All training is neuroaffirmative, in that it is designed with the understanding that ADHD is simply another ‘normal’ rather than a disorder, and that the difficulties are the result of living in a world that is not designed for us. This means that I talk about the positives as well as the negatives of ADHD.

My workshops are interactive and full of discussions. I like having questions launched at me and therefore make sure there is plenty of scope for this. 

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