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Changing the lens from Negative to Positive

As a humanistic integrative ADHD coach I always start from where you are right now. I am trauma-informed and have lived experience of ADHD and of living with the effects of intergenerational trauma. I see the whole person including all the areas of grey where black and white do not seem possible. My ADHD passion is supporting people to totally unapologetically and fearlessly be themselves. It took me most of my life to get to that point and it gives me the greatest joy to see you unfold in a much shorter space of time.

ADHD and trauma are inextricably linked. Dealing with one and not the other does not work. We think our mind rules our body but in truth it is the other way around. Our body rules our mind through our automatic responses. It all starts with sensations. These are given a label. That leads to our conscious responses. So stop being so hard on yourself. You are not weak. You are not broken. You are responding to your body sensations due to previous conditioning of your responses.

Right now you are in chaos. I can feel your frustration, hear your swear words, and know your ups and downs. 

I can hold space for your tears, for your frustrations and worries, for your anxiety, for your effing and blinding, so that you can be totally yourself, perhaps for the first time ever.

Together we will go on a journey and I will be beside you all the way while you:

  • Figure out and deal with your executive functioning challenges

  •  Educate yourself on ADHD, neurodivergency and neurodiversity, and the psychology of change

  •  Undo the chaos in your head: by getting rid of limiting beliefs and childhood patterns and investigating which societal expectations to throw out of the window

  • Repair your being: through unmasking with joy, understanding what makes you tick, and coming into flow

  • Reshape your world: by finding the rhythms that allow meaning in your life, that let you thrive, that let you love who you are, designing the life you want and that works for you.

We will work through all the elements:

Air - working with the mind to understand your brainwiring and to learn to think of solutions, not problems

Earth - grounding through shamanic practices, somatic exercises, and nature work

Water - learning to identify and feel your emotions and find ways to self-regulate

Fire - finding the passions that give meaning to your life. Learning what throws you into hyper focus and how to not let it burn you out.

Ether - trusting your intuition and working with metaphors to enter your subconscious through Osho Zen tarot work and Shamanic Practice


And at the end, if you trust in the process and do the work, you will have grown as a person, be more aware of yourself, of your responses and the reasons for them, and more able to pause, allowing your conscious brain to catch up and be part of deciding how to respond. You will feel happier in your skin, be more understanding of the past, and will look forward to the future.


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When I was diagnosed as ADHD at age 56, it was not a surprise. By that point I had recognised that my dad is a classic hyperactive, one of my sisters had her ADHD diagnosis, and I had years of suspecting my own ADHD-ness. I did courses at the ADD Coaching Academy, trained with Fairy Liebermann (ADHD coaching trainer), have started a Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, and read and read and read and am still reading.

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Many ADHD coaches work with their clients on the lowest two or three levels according to Dilts' logical levels of change. This allows the clients to adapt their environment, shift some of their behaviour, and learn strategies to manage the difficulties they have due to being ADHD. I don't think that goes far enough and therefore my focus is on the top three levels.

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