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Change is scary

Change is empowering

Change is Life

Life is Change

Professionalism and Experience

At age 14 I decided to reinvent myself. I had no friends. Did not understand all the strange social rules and was painfully shy. I decided that I would do everything that I wanted to do that fear was stopping me doing. Having been too shy to greet my best friend’s parents, the first time that I started talking to her mother, she almost crashed the car in shock.

This decision changed my life and led me to learn about myself, to examine all biases and prejudices that had been embedded, and to deep dive into self improvement. I tried different religions, from Christianity to Buddhism to Wicca and Shamanism, I read books on self development, on social communication, on nonverbal communication, on how to make your life sparkly…..

Somewhere along the way I bore one child and adopted another. My life path almost naturally flowed to teaching children that were The Odd One Out, from home educating to being a learning support teacher, to being the SENCo and helping kids figure out how their brains worked and how they learned best.

When I was diagnosed as ADHD at age 56, it was not a surprise. By that point I had recognised that my dad is a classic hyperactive, one of my sisters had her ADHD diagnosis, and I had years of suspecting my own ADHD-ness. I did courses at the ADD Coaching Academy, trained with Fairy Liebermann (ADHD coaching trainer), have started a Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, and read and read and read and am still reading.


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Taking the Steps

I promise...
  • to listen with open head, heart, and mind
  • to listen intently to the words and equally to the spaces between the word's
  • too keep all you tell me confidential unless I fear for your life or that of others
  • to show up on time

I expect you...

  • to listen with open heart, mind, and head
  • to be willing to change
  • to engage fully and show up on time


Explore Coaching

I was so happy to be invited to Katey Fortun's The Different Ability podcast! In it I talk about my ADHD life, my coaching, and my thoughts on ADHD and trauma. I don't agree with Gabor Mate that trauma causes ADHD. I believe that a lot of what we think of as symptoms of ADHD, such as overwhelm, burnout, ADHD paralysis, anxiety, depression, are trauma responses due to living a life that does not fit our brain wiring.

If you would like to know more, click below and listen to the podcast!

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ADHD UK - Monthly Couples Group

Through ADHD UK, I will be hosting a monthly group for couples, where the focus is on understanding each other.



I provide fun, active, and inspirational training on ADHD to school staff, therapists, managers, and anyone else who works with or lives with people who are ADHD. In the training I explain some of the brain wiring differences, and how this affects how we think, feel, and behave. I also discuss the effect that an environment that does not understand us, and therefore invalidates us, has on our well being. Being ADHD myself, the training gives you a true glimpse of what it is like to BE ADHD.

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Talks & Webinars

Anita gives a monthly talk through ADHD UK for couples where at least one of the partners is ADHD. She also gives webinars and talks on Inclusion in schools, children in care or previously in care who present as ADHD, parenting ADHD children, and a host of other subjects.