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Partners of ADHDers Group Coaching 2024


As an ADHDer, I have had my fair share of relationship problems. Issues where the partner did not understand why I was a certain way, why I acted a certain way, and why I felt a certain way. The more I read posts from other ADHDers, the more I feel that this is a common difficulty. Whereas there is a lot of information around for the ADHDers themselves, I can't help feeling that there are not many places the partners can go to. 


This programme is for partners (any age, gender, or sexuality). You will receive coaching by meeting me (via zoom) on a regular basis and discussing difficulties, the reasons for them, and strategies, as well as showing the positives of ADHD partners. You will get an authentic view of what it is like to BE ADHD and hopefully start to understand some of the communication difficulties between ADHDers and neurotypicals. 


You will be able to ask any question and discuss any topic which they might usually be afraid to even touch upon for fear of the reaction (we do tend to overreact to things or take them the wrong way, what with our RSD). 


What did you like about the sessions?

 Meeting other people in similar experiences was great and hearing their side of this. I also think the sessions being led by you Anita having ADHD yourself and being so open about your experiences but also not defensive about issues we brought up as a group was really special, it provided a great insight to ADHDers.


What do you get:

  •   Small group
  •   4 sessions of online coaching for just the partners
  •   2 sessions of online coaching for both of the couple
  •   Extra written and recorded information


What will be covered?

Week 1

Unequal Relationships

At times you may feel more like a parent than a partner. Learn how to change that dynamic.

Week 2

Hunter-gatherer versus Farmers

Using this metaphor, you will learn how different brain wiring affects the way people think, behave, and generally live.

This week will be for both partners

Week 3


ADHDers have intense emotions, exacerbated by spending so much time in a survival state. Learn more about this and learn about better ways to respond to meltdowns or shutdowns.

Week 4

Drama Triangle and Communication

Learn what pattern each of you subconsciously falls into and how to transform this for better communication and understanding.

This session will be for both partners

What did you like about the sessions?

Going through communication styles was great and the drama triangle.

Week 5

Needs Analysis

This programme is not only about ADHD, it is about you. We will find out what unmet needs you have and where and how they can be met.

What did you like about the sessions?

 The needs analysis was really good - I wonder if this should have come sooner in the sessions as I feel some 'homework' could have been added on to this to keep momentum and accountability outside of sessions. The conversation around the needs analysis in the group and heating everyone's experience was good.

Week 6

General Question and Answer session

As I cannot possibly cover everything in 6 sessions, and as each group is different, I am keeping this last session for anything that is important to you that I have not yet covered.

What did you like about the sessions?

That you flexed the sessions to the needs of the group and also created a really open and friendly space which felt non-judgemental and warm.


To reiterate, you will get...

  •   4 group coaching sessions with other partners of ADHDers so that you can share experiences and start to form a support group
  •   2 group coaching sessions where your partner is also invited and where you will learn about each other's brain wiring


  •   Access to extra material, both recordings and written resources and information

Total cost = £200


What did you like about the sessions?

Size of group, supportive nature, slides, information sharing from Anita , personal experience shared by group, techniques and insight into both the partner and the ADHDer.

 The practicality of the workshop. Also sharing our experiences among ourselves was very beneficial. The information was clear and very useful for the everyday.


Session dates, all on Thursdays


25 January 19.00-20.30

1 February 19.00-20.30

8 February 19.00-20.30

15 February 19.00-20.30

22 February 19.00-20.30

29 February 19.00-20.30


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