My Approach

Many ADHD coaches work with their clients on the lowest two or three levels according to Dilts' logical levels of change. This allows the clients to adapt their environment, shift some of their behaviour, and learn strategies to manage the difficulties they have due to being ADHD. I don't think that goes far enough and therefore my focus is on the top three levels:
Beliefs and values 
These influence how we perceive the world and ourselves and identifying which values and beliefs truly belong to us, and which are societal expectations, can have a truly liberating effect.
Knowing who we are, including our shadow side, and loving and liking ourselves, is a major step towards true wellbeing of body, soul, and spirit.
When we know our passion and can align our being, our work, and our focus with that passion, we find meaning in our lives. Meaning in our lives is a major part of psychological well being, whether that meaning is about being a rocket scientist, a mother, a gardener, or a financial analyst. Meaning is not about money. It is doing that which you would still want to do if you were not paid for it.
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