A recurring theme of the reviews I get is that, being ADHD myself, my training does not solely consist of all the study I have done on and about ADHD, but also my own lived experience of my ADHD life, and that this gives an extra dimension to the training.

There is a lot of talk about neurodiversity going around at the moment. None of it will make a difference if people are not aware of what it means. Let’s start with a few terms: 


The normal diversity of the brains of the human population


Having different brain wiring than that of ‘the norm’ This can mean Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, Dysgraphic, etc


Having brain wiring that fits in with ‘the norm’


Giving priority and/or privilege to neurotypical over neurodivergent


Behaving and talking with the understanding that neurodivergency is simply a different ‘normal’, not better or worse than neurotypical


 neurodivergent brain wiring with its own strengths and weaknesses

All training is neuroaffirmative, in that it is designed with the understanding that ADHD is simply another ‘normal’ rather than a disorder, and that the difficulties are the result of living in a world that is not designed for us. This means that I talk about the positives as well as the negatives of ADHD.


As with so much of my work, I extensively use metaphors as a training tool. To explain the effect of brainwiring on the way we think, feel, and behave, I use the metaphor of the Hunter and the Farmer. Both of them are necessary and normal, but they have and need different skills and process things differently.


My workshops are interactive and full of discussions. I like having questions launched at me and therefore make sure there is plenty of scope for this.


There are a few things that make my training so successful:

  • A background as a teacher means I am used to talking in from of groups

  • Having worked with teenagers I am hyper aware of the need to make training not boring

  • I have done extensive study on ADHD

  • Most of the reviews from the therapists mention my own lived experience of ADHD as a huge bonus

  • I understand children as have worked with them for many years

  • I understand adults as have worked with them for many years

  • The fact that I am the stereotypical lifelong student also helps as I will forever keep reading and keep learning.


Blue Smile ( is a leading mental health children’s charity in Cambridgeshire. I was fortunate enough to be invited to provide them with ADHD training. I got lots of lovely positive feedback from the individual therapists and this is what the programme lead had to say:


“This is a topic that has been most frequently requested by our therapists. We were delighted to be able to run this event with you. The feedback we have received looks very positive. I particularly liked the way that you were able to make it relevant to their professional roles. You are a highly credible trainer, and this came across to the group.”


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